Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From the Market - Ebony + Ivory Baby

Guys, my plans to write from the road whilst in Vegas evaporated in the desert air and in the realization that ensuring my son didn't break anything in our room at the Palazzo would take nearly all my time and focus, aside from the time I was speaking at World Market on the topic of fabulous nursery design. So only now, weeks afterwards, am I digesting the bags of "loot" - oddles of business cards, glossy collateral from green companies (irony anyone) and samples galore. The largest trend that seemed to cross all 16 floors and three buildlings (have you been to World Market in Vegas - you need a map and a GPS) is black and white. Negative + positive space. Uber-contrast. Light/Dark. However you want to express it - the polar extremes in color dominated the showrooms. Some were divided - completely black on one side - completely white on the other. There were also gobs of historical contrast - mid-century nuzzling up to french provincial - lots of contemporary + baroque doing the tango. Some of it worked and some of it didn't -here are some of my faves: Noir Furniture. Out of Los Angeles, their website is all black and white and sort of sad, but their furniture rocks. This is a company whose whole line seems to be predicated on contrast and playing with scale. I love the chairs and tables that look at once inviting and like they will hurt you if you touch them. I love their dome chair - a look I saw elsewhere - but not in white-washed mahogany and such playfulnes reminisicent of Alice in Wonderland if she had a place upstate as it is from Noir. See above. More tomorrow....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Whatever Happens at World Market Stays at World Market

I'm leaving tomorrow for World Market, a global home design + furnishings trade show in Las Vegas. They actually erect a small city for this show. You've never seen so many pretty things in your life. I'm speaking on the topic of Fabulous Nurseries and Kids' Rooms. Yippee. I'm sure I'll have fun things to post while there, with family in tow.